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Skill - Typing

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Apr 16, 2007 | 5:25 PM EDT

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Wow, thanks for the front page! Sadly, this is the greatest thing that ever happened to me :P. Well, I'm glad most of you like it, and I'm working on the second one now. I hope it's as good as this (It'll be better)

Edit[ 4/19/07 ]:

Alright, after reading all of your reviews, I have thought of some more ideas for the second one. I want to keep the original idea of having to press certain keys, because without that, it'd be like any other shooting game, but instead, I will have fewer keys to hit. I am thinking maybe some Bloops will need to be shot with a bubble when the space key is held down, and others do not. That was it will be less hard, but still fun. I also will have more levels and powerups and anything else like that. Please PM me any ideas you may have and I will try to include them in the sequel.

Also, a lot of people are complaining about things such as an audio on/off button and a pause button, and I will be sure to include that in #2. And for those who want a quality button...look in the options. THERE IS ONE. :P

I really appreciate everything, for all of your great reviews. This is the most response I've had on a game on NG before, so thanks a lot, guys.

And the second one will be less boring, and will have better music (The music in this one was made by me, and I believe I can do better now with FL. If not, I'll just get music from the Audio Portal or something instead of using my own).



I just made this because I wanted to make something sorta original and yet fun. It didn't turn out completely as I had planned, but I guess it's alright. I'll be starting my PacGore game now, so...blah.

My first entry for the Armorgames contest.

By default, you control the cannon with your mouse, but you can change it to the arrow keys in the options (It's easier with the mouse anyways)

Just make sure the bloops don't touch the bottom. Press any letter key from A-Z to fire a bubble, space to fire bombs if you have any. Hit a bloop with a bubble and get 5 points. If the bloop's letter is the same as the key the bubble was fired with, you get 10 points! Be sure to submit your score, and take note that the first level goes slow. Don't get bored and quit. It gets way harder.

All music by me. Sounds from various places and games.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

V. Enjoyable

I actually quite liked that, its a very good game. the idea of the game is something i have seen before, but i haven't seen the idea utilised in this way. A very creative and innovative game, and a very enjoyable one.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars


not that good


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice idea.

The music was very up-tempo for a game that starts out this slow. But I recon things wil speed up once you've progressed far enough.
I believe this was a very refreshing idea, using the letters. Still, it lacks detail, it doesn't look very pretty wich may sound unimportant, but remember that you have to look at your screen for a pretty long time. :)
I hope you'll find the time to improve things by adding some more stuff (weapons, upgrades, etc) and make the outlook a bit better.
On a sidenote, I found it hard to read the instructions properly, plus there was no way to tell what is needed exactly to advance to the next level and you also might want to explain what a bomb does exactly. I just avoided them for some time before I realised I can shoot them to collect them. :)
Anyway, i hope you make more. 'Twas good.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

A good enough game with some flaws to work on...

Ok, the concept is really great. But there are some negative things worth mentioning. Minor complaints:
- as many other people mentioned already, it starts off slow and boring. Pick up the pace early on next time. (The only time I started to feel a challenge was at level 7 or 8)
- power-ups appear too rare. (not a single power-up appeared from level 2 to 7 for me)
- mouse sensitivity. It reacts too slow. So even if I already spotted a fast moving block on the other side of the screen, the bad and slow sensitivity/ response time would cause me to lose a life.

Hopefully, you consider fixing these flaws and make the next version much better!

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Rated 1 / 5 stars

boring, very boring, bloop.

This game is slow, boring and there are just two weapons. Please, make this game faster, put in better music, put in some sick graphics and create different weapons.