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Lmao Car!!!1

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Author Comments

&%#=@!!! You can't really see what's going on in this version. I don't know what's wrong, but it works better on low-resolution somehow...

Well, a rather simple but quite difficult game.
Guide your LMAO-car with the mouse, run over the N00Bs and finish through the GG-goal. Just watch out for everything else.
Try the challenges!
They're very neat.
I even got my dad clicking the "submit" button for me because he's over 18:)

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Well this is pretty fun!

Quite nice. A fun little game to pass the time. Nice that there are 2 extra modes too.

Graphics-Everything, the car, the 'rocks' and 'fences', were made out of text. Looked pretty cool, but the helicopter looked a bit blurry.

Style-I don't see many games like this at all. There are games where you run over people (I think), but not over text-people. :)

Sound-The music was good, you could barely hear the sound that played when you hit someone, though. The guy yelling when his copter hit a 'PWND-pwner' was kinda loud, but funny.

Violence-Not much. *Crunch* Unless you count text that formed people and helicopters flying around when hit as violence.

Interactivity-Move the car around with your mouse. Not much else.

Humor-There was some humor. The level where there was that guy that took up 1/3 of the screen was funny. Then I see like 20 helicopters and I'm like "O_O"

The other level one of the guys talks is slightly funny. "Hey dude!" *Run over* "Noooooo!"

-Things to add/improve-

More LMAO power-My LMAO-power drained at a rather fast rate and I often died before some of the later levels.

Maybe we could have a little more than what we start with or there could be power-ups that appear for a short time that increase LMAO-power, or even a small bonus after someone completes a level.

Wall and Rock problems-A big problem. On some levels, you would start right next to a wall and you'd die before you knew that you were too close to a wall.

There should be a spot were the walls are far away from the starting spot on most levels. Also, on some levels, the rocks were so close together that, combined with a tight time limit and copters chasing you, made it nearly impossible to finish without losing 75% of your LMAO-power. Then you die on the next because once again, you start too close to a wall.

Slightly higher time limit-Just 3 extra seconds might be enough for someone to complete a level without losing a ton of LMAO-power.

Overall-Really good! It is possible to win some of the levels with practice, but it is still near-impossible to win the game, as well as the challenges.

With just a bit of tweaking, it would be better. Great job anyway!


rosenhill responds:

Haha! Thank you very much for your reply.
I went all wet in my eyes:)
Maybe I'll do a lmao car 2 just because of this rewiew.
Thanks again!


Welllllll gooooooodddddd

Funny ^_^

That was funny,i aways wanted to kill noobs with a lol car

It was aight

Hey man this is a pretty good game! the graphics could use some work, but the idea is good, and it's very addicting. Wow, i'm violent. But dude, overall, good job! I'd like to see a sequel with more obstacles and better graphics!

It made me Lmao!

I like hitting n00bs with a car! but this is still mediocre. maybe if you worked on it a little, it would be good.

Credits & Info

3.62 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2007
4:43 PM EDT