Mortal Kombat Presepadas

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My first video on NG.
Mortal Kombat is a fighting game (well no shit) but this video is different, Starring Shang Tsung as the unlucky guide, a funny video but with MK style, the fans of MK will love it!
I made some stuff that it doesnt exist in MK 2D games such as, what happend in Kahn`s cave after he is defeated, Motaro`s new moves and etc...
Most of the people doesnt know what is the mean of Presepada, it means mess, crazy stuff, its from Portuguese lol.
So what more i can say? Send a comment to me, say what it could be better or something! I will be glad to hear you!
Enjoy the movie!
Edit: w00T! 10.000 views and 500 votes! thanks guys! but... i have to start another one soon... i had started the second presepada... but for some problems it got deleted... and i was so sad to make another one... but here we go!


it was awesome

Now this is called comedy, i saw this movie on kombatpalvusion or something. Good job bro , i wish to see more of this

best 1st flash ever

undoubtly the best 1st flash of any artist ive seen...when are u gonna make another?

100-1d314 responds:

When? Heh... I started a few months ago ;P In a couple of weeks or in a few months you all are going to see the second presepada!


everything was awesome and funny , accept for the xbox360 glitch thing

the 360 glitch one wasnt the best but everything was sooo funny!!! Keep up the good work right there dude

:D ** smiley face


its cool but the 4(glitch in the wrong time and in the wrong time (xbox live version))
sucks...ma favorite part was the rush of motaro

Very nicely done.

Started off slow but this flash started to get better and the jokes got funnier. Love the usage of sprites and some other animation. The Zindane headbut mixed with the horse guy was classic. I got a laugh out of that. The best part was when the horse man ran into the guy that had the bombs. I don't blame Raiden from running away. Anyways, the beginning scenes were okay. I expected better from them. Other then that, I like this. Nice work 100! :D

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3.96 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2007
1:18 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody