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AgentWing Defenders Final

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btw the title was supposed to be Agent Wing Defenders Final, but the text wont fit. XD

Final Version:
Agent Black is trying to destroy the world and its up to you (Agent Red) and your fellow agents to save it.

Change Log:
changed the default controls to Arrow Keys.
added WASD controls support.
added difficulty setting.
added High Score table.
Made the game larger.
added sound effects.
removed bugs.
and some other stuff.


ONe day.... ONe day I will beat this game,.......

good game although i think i'll stick with RPG's like Crystal Story and EBF

should've this game went a little slower...?

too fast... the only good thing was the art.


I almost died when the dargon showed his face xD

Yeah, it was kinda easy.

But you DEFINITELY don't have enough life for the whole game. I mean, there's hardly any health orbs or anything!

BTW, if you actually think Godzilla is hard, I've seen much more difficult bosses here on NG, even WITHOUT danmaku, so there.

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