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Above the Influence Spoof

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A spoof of the popular "Above the Influence" commercials with the little dog.

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You made something stupid into something great

What a great idea! It has a better message than the real one. You should make a spoof on the other one. Good Job.


DAMN! Dude, that was fucking hilarious! Ahaha, that part where the dog goes out and get's the gangster and they smoke a fat ass blunt was fucking hilariuous. You should send this to the Drug Free site or something.

Graphics were pretty good, sound was awesome.

Good job, hope to see more like this from you. :]

its good to be a gangsta...

At first it just looked like a copy of the commercial, but when the dog leaves the house, the humor comes in.


Freaking sweet,

there have been alot of these parodies of these commercials on Newgrounds lately but this is by far my favorite. Mostly just because I thought at first it was a remake with no real alterations, then the dog told the gansta he wouldn't pay. What really made me lmao though was-

"Damn it feels good to be a gangsta"
5/5 just for that, keep it up bro.

Great idea.

Can use more spoofs like this.