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Ackbar Movie : The Movie

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The full length Ackbar Movie is finally here. After months of hard work I present my best and final flash movie. I really wanted the movie to come out today on the occasion of Aqua Teen movie also coming out today. Tons of voice actors and people to thank for supporting me on the movie. Also , fans of the show - thanks a lot.

During the making of this movie there were tons of problems with flash but i have learned from it and now know how to get past these things. I am also going to be making a new Metal Slug movie after the fun part I did in this one.

Ackbar The Series will continue after this movie. Entering the fourth season of Ackbar The Series. I'm almost sure an Ackbar collection is in the works .

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I saw the "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" movie myself already. I admit I just think it's okay. I still appreciate this movie. Well, it's only eight minutes long. Still, for a series only a minute or two long, that's enough for a full length movie by that definition. The music was quite nice.

The Michael Richards thing has toned down since than. The voices were quite nice. It seems like this could be an episode of the series. I mean, by making them more comprehensible they're better. I like your thumbnail.

Akbar is one of Jason's best works. I recently found out about his Newgrounds account in an interview on the H3 podcast and I started to binge watch Ackbar and I LOVE IT. Stuff like this makes me wish I was born earlier so I can live through all these wonderful things in the 2007 era. Videogamedunkey is one of the very few youtubers who can stand the test of time. From 2003 flash movies to his current youtube videos in 2017, the quality, production, and humor never gets old. Jason I hope you read this and I want you to know you are one of the best guy ever. This series is truly, a mastapiece.

Hmmm interesting

Now I must say that the music was great here top notch all the way, took awhile to get to the actual movie but it was nice seeing "KRAMER" in there lol, a fun movie here with lots of characters made for some good humor.

add more celeberty types that always makes this even better.


So cool

I'm impressed, MeatwadSprite. You actually did a flash that lasts for more than two minutes.

You did a lot with this one, so much effort put into it. Audio quality is really good, even Controllroomguy has a good voice now. The story is funny as hell, and there are so many good jokes in this.

Polar bears?

"I have something to tell you...I'm a polar bear." (DUUUNNNN!)
Awesome! XD