Goth Lyfe 14: Spear2the<3

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Here's episode 14! sorry for the wait again but these new ones take longer to make and well i'm low on free time. there might be a problem with the sound so dont turn it too high or the voices will crack! We'd like to once again remind everyone that Goths are portrayed in a fictional way and we are not trying to offend anyone. I also suggest watching 11,12 and 13 first. Enjoy! The next one should be up soon.


omfg, this is hilarious!

Great job once again guys!!!!

omg, i loved the part towards the end with emokid and toby the trout. the music and how he was running away was hilarious. im gonna watch it again just to see that part lol!!!!


ZOMG that's funny! emos are only wanna-be goths! :P jk, most of my friends are emo, but im the only goth in my school! it sux but its kinda fun being "unique" :P. KEEP IT UP I WANNA SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! SUSPENCE + AWESOME + SERIES = PAIN!!! <== do the math :P

Scepter in shades...

*drool* he's also cool without glasses of course... *thinking: CRAP! That was out loud!* Er, hope the next one comes to NG soon! *hides in embarrasment*

loved it of course!

are they suppose to be like u? but one thing i have to say is that goths dont always act like that im actually a goth so i should know!


since im goin to a new school ill be able to see a goth kid is that what they look like and why dore that guys wrist say cut here?

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Apr 13, 2007
5:28 PM EDT
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