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[2007] REBOOT 8

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++front page! thanks tom and everybody!@
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The biggest moment in the series.... The entire world is beginning to crumble and the city is on fire.

11min long. The most insane episode yet. Only on newgrounds!

Music From: The strokes, malajube, SMB 3, ozma, phantom planet, johnny madwreck

Checkout: youtube.com/snowspot to see my video work

4 months of work... and my computer crashed twice, I don't know whats up with it. Please review!!

If you watch the reboot trailer I did a year ago..you can actually see a scene from this flash... in fact, you can find smite agent as far back as episode 4 if you look hard enough :P

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Please get your art style nailed to SOMETHING

The storyline is a little interesting, albeit a little cliched in the sense that it feels like every single "mature" take on any NES series seems to require at least 1 person from every different IP to die within the first episode of the introduction to it. I see the reboot connection now, though there's still a lot that's not really making any sense.
I still wish you'd go back and retcon the artwork from the earlier episodes, and at the very LEAST bring a LITTLE consistency to the artwork within each individual episode (that doesn't include those scenes in which the artwork differs for mood effects or to represent glitches)
Megaman has been particularly disconcerting, watching him go from 8 bit version to a semi 3d voxel style and he really hasn't been doing much except standing around and talking ever since he showed up in the series. I'm not a Megaman fan or anything, it just seems like a bit of a weakness in the storytelling to have him as one of the first signs of shit hitting the fan, and then he saves one guy (who wasn't even nearby at the time) and then just watches as a bystander after that.

hey i have a question?

will they tell us its called reboot later in the seris after episode 12?

Found him

he is the picture when the virus is detected


im just loving it so far its really...well i cant describe...just good work i guess hehe


This is excellent from the beginning, the whole idea of it is amazing. I just wondered, did you like get a virus called whatsisname and based this around it. It'd be so cool if you did!

JMartin97 responds:

It's true actually.

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4.03 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2007
5:00 PM EDT