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28/08/07 Update *NEW MUSIC* - Thanks everyone who voted, I didnt expect it do get such a high score =), I know alot of people didnt like the music so ive redone the song and I have changed the resolution and changed a few other things so it runs better at high quality, but if it lags please change it to low. Andrew

This is my newest short film called "IF". It didnt start out as a short film but it progressed to this in the end. I had lots of fun making it and I hope you enjoy it.

*update* Thanks to all who voted I appreciate it, glad alot of you enjoyed it.


pretty sad

It was okay, I enjoyed it, but was pretty confused, it really made me think.


so full of emotions...


4 shes a mystery 2 me by roy orbson


Not sure if this has been covered, but i see that some people are confused by what they just saw, so I will explain my interpretation, you are free to see it how you wish.

Notice that she is wearing a wedding ring first off, then we see the man appear and look at her, her eyes light up and she smiles at him. her eyes indicate that they previously knew each other, I suspect they were in love at one point.

We next see the man look at her and walk past her then stand against the wall, we notice the police car that moves past the phone booth and stops. they draw their weapons at him, indicating that he is under arrest for something.

Next we see the man look at the woman and she looks at him, he then pulls out a weapon and is killed. this is known as "Suicide by Cop" since he indicated by his eyes and his body language that he was intending to not survive the gun battle.

Finally we see her sitting in the police car and she is crying, indicating that she is saddened that it had to come to this. Finally, we see someone put their hand on her shoulder who is also wearing a gold wedding ring, I interpreted that hand as belonging to her husband.

To summarize, the woman was talking to someone when her ex-boyfriend sees her and they share a moment of eye contact before he commits suicide by cop. she is saddened that it had to end that way and her husband comes to comfort her.

I believe the title comes from perhaps his belief that if she was married to him, then he would have done what he did.

Anyway, Great Flash! really shows the power and effect that emotions and feelings have on all of us.

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i like how its powered by imagination

beautiful work. it was as though they could have had a relationship if he hadnt made his dumb choice to kill someone. so then he didnt want to live because she was every girl hed ever meet. and why bother living after going to prison his life would suck

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