Minushi - Chapter 5

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See the storyboard and an early version of the fight scene in this chapter plus behind the scenes making-of video footage at:


Thanks for watching!


Very well done!

I think you really mastered the art of dramatic film. I've seen some really crappy flashes in my time on newgrounds, and most of them are trying and failing at what you just accomplished, a good flash with good drama.
An example of one crappy drama flash would be that marios revenge or what ever its called, when mario keeps changing and transforming and finds out hes a clock, that was just total bullsh**, but this was a inspirational peace of work, so well done, now i need to go see your previous ones lol...


best thing ever, except that it gets a little confusing of when in the story this takes place now that I've seen up to number 9 :) Im amazed this doesnt have a perfect 5/5. everyone should also have AT LEAST reviewed 10/10.
As usual, amazing job, I cant wait for another segment!

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This Was Almost Perfect!

This series is all in all very good. The way you fit everything together makes it come out and shows a lot of hard work and determination. Keep this up!

I like your series alot

Your scenery is really what makes this movie. It is so vivid and it obviously shows some hard work. Your fight scene fell a little short for me but that is ok your whole movie doesn't revolve around fighting. I like your series alot and I have to say that it is well made

Very Nice

Very Nice as usual, i liked the fight scene, tho it was short.

the backgrounds were quite nice. i like you spend alot of time and effort working on the scenery, it really helps bring it to life.

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3.92 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2007
4:03 PM EDT