Minushi - Chapter 5

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See the storyboard and an early version of the fight scene in this chapter plus behind the scenes making-of video footage at:


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I think I might have to concur with hrech,
Your art style is unique and blends with the plot in itself, but leaves a lot to be desired. try using more graphic shading tools and try to use a more variable color palette. I don't know wether the dull grey colors are to set the mood, but I don't think if fits very much.

Good Story, nice character deveopment, but the pathos in the voices feels a bit dull. Even when they are yelling, it seems that they are bored.

Awesome style in everything, but the fight scenes could use a little more spice.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely like the series, but I think there are a few things you could work on to improve Minushi.

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This whole series is just stunning. To hrechkaness, I don't know what "Lost Fans" you're talking about. This series has a great story line is definetly a progressive one to.

Thanks for a great Series Tyler.

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this must of taken some time! this is incredible!

Nice job!

Well, to be honest, I think you did better on the previous chapters, but that's alright, you still have me hooked on the series!

well you might not wanna hear this

id have to say im completely agree with mastah. Graphically wise this series has its ups and downs. But as we all know it takes more then just that alone to keep the audience entertained. This series seemes like its losing its edge. Just waiting for something to happen that just doesn't, by the end of the flash leaving us with the expression, that was it? im sure you've got your own script and everything already prepared by this being in chapters but seriously every chapter should be as good if not better then the first OR leave you with some conclusion that something more epic will happen. I just hope you spiff up your next couple chapters to regain your old fans again because by the looks of it low reviewers means its not doing so well no matter what the ratings are

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Apr 12, 2007
4:03 PM EDT