300 Reservations

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Author Comments

I can smell a 300 collection down the road, and though I’m not one to hop on the Internet fad bandwagon, this wagon seems sturdy and ready to kill some Persians.

I’m particularly taken by this quote about dining in hell. Does hell have good diners? Is it an honor to make the reservation list? Is there an Olive Garden? And, in the tradition of being hell, will they be out of breadsticks?

I will admit that I have yet to see 300. Read the occupation in my profile and you’ll soon know why. However, I have pieced together what I’ve seen from trailers and previous parodies and I believe this will be a lot more than a shot in the dark. I hope you enjoy it, and in accordance with the 300 fad, I will answer all reviews starting with “Tonight we dine....”

Also, thanks to everyone who PM’d lupedog about his upcoming surgery, that’ll show the world that we’re not just a bunch of miscreants.

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that was awesome

300 was a great movie and all great movies deserve great spoofs


ill give ya 4&8 for origionallity(spelling?) and because i could not stop laughing for a few minutes, i had to take off a point because im mad u have not seen such an epic movie, and a point because you forgot their crimson capes and that they did not wear any body armour, other then that is awesome, keep up the good work

rockymike responds:

Actually, I have seen it since releasing this, just not before. Great stuff, and yes, you are correct.

Tonight we dine!!

Simple ideas that are clever to come across, you've done well here and didn't take it overboard like many would have. good work

One! (666) 420-1942

Tonight we will have a light brunch!!! Good job


As much as I love it and it's pro-Christian message, I'm suprised nobody has pointed out that the video states only Christians went to heaven even before the death of Christ.

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4.40 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2007
3:38 PM EDT
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