The Rock Lee Chronicles

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EDIT: Wow. Front Page and Daily 2nd. Thanks a lot guys! I wasn't expecting that :P

I promise to make every scene in the sequel ten times better than the Show No Mercy scene. I'm talking 3d camera angles, realistic effects, better backgrounds, more weapons for Lee, custom sprites, etc...

Once again, Thank You Guys So Much!


My flash movie is finally done ^_^

This is The Rock Lee Chronicles, a WIP sprite flash movie for about 3-4 months now. I've been working on and off, but it's complete now.

-This is a sprite flash movie. Do not rate or review if you have a dislike of sprite flases.
-This is a Rock Lee flash movie. Do not rate or review if you have a dislike of Naruto or the characters from it.

You can press space bar to return to the scene selection at any time during the movie.

Thank you for watching ^_^


good wit few tiny problems

1 you do not explain when this happens which could be confussing for the plot 2 Because Lee is so important you make everyone seem like idiots with no personallity like Naruto would not be scared by Orochimaru and run to get help he would rush in headlong with shadow clones yelling to Orochimaru about all the evil things hes done give back sasuke blah blah blah u get my point give the other characters their personality to make feel more Naruto the Rock Lee filler episodes not Rock Lee and all the idiots on naruto nobody cares about

Dude, that was AAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMM!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! THIS RULZ!!! Rock Lee is the best person to make the main character of a flash (U know cuz his name is easy: He ROCKs like Bruce LEE). I don't know what to say but FUCKIN' SWEET!!! Oh, and I got sumthin for the the people who say Rock Lee is stupid or he sux, FUCK U!!!!! Ok, you'd think he's the best character in Naruto once u see what he goes through!!!!!!!!!!!!

very good

make another cuz that was a good flash


...Thats a lot of ass kicking!

Dude ur the best!!! i cant wait for the sequel!!!!

that was the craziest thing ever in the history of flashs bout naruto.
im a big fan of the show ...now u made me like rock lee even more
and i cant wait to see the fight between lee and the clone
U so ROCK!!!!

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Apr 11, 2007
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