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The Rock Lee Chronicles

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EDIT: Wow. Front Page and Daily 2nd. Thanks a lot guys! I wasn't expecting that :P

I promise to make every scene in the sequel ten times better than the Show No Mercy scene. I'm talking 3d camera angles, realistic effects, better backgrounds, more weapons for Lee, custom sprites, etc...

Once again, Thank You Guys So Much!


My flash movie is finally done ^_^

This is The Rock Lee Chronicles, a WIP sprite flash movie for about 3-4 months now. I've been working on and off, but it's complete now.

-This is a sprite flash movie. Do not rate or review if you have a dislike of sprite flases.
-This is a Rock Lee flash movie. Do not rate or review if you have a dislike of Naruto or the characters from it.

You can press space bar to return to the scene selection at any time during the movie.

Thank you for watching ^_^


clean sweep of 10's

that was really freakin good man. only one thing was wrong and that is that Naruto calls Lee "bushy brow" not "fuzzy brow"

next to that it was flawless and amazingly done

SSJZac responds:

Really? It's subbed as fuzzy brows when I watch it. You must be talking about the dub version :P

Great job

il be waiting for the next one i hope its just as good as this one...if i could give you a 6 i would

SSJZac responds:

If I could rate this review an 11, I would as well ^_^



Seriously, Its evident you put a lot of work into this.
The animation is incredibly smooth, and the style reminds me a lot of Super Mario Bros Z (thats a very good thing)
You used the sprites in a way they felt as real as a hand draw animation, and those special effects just made the movie EVEN better

Great, perfect, awesome =P

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SSJZac responds:

Thank you very much for the awesome review ^_^

I was inspired to be just like DuDuL, Rebaz, Alvin-Earthworm, Crazy-Androman, Daniel Sun, and all of the great sprite flashers on Newgrounds :P

all out combat for rock lee pretty good:)

i liked it it had alot of cool things and original ideas in it for naruto

SSJZac responds:

Thanks ^_^

Nicely done

VERY well-made...the dialogue and story need work, but other than that well done

SSJZac responds:

I'm not a good story teller, I'm good at making fight scenes ^_^

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4.29 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2007
10:36 PM EDT