Mario's Revenge: SE

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Note: A lot of people don't seem to release the script is not meant to be taken seriously...

Runtime - Aprox.14 minutes, so make sure you got the time to watch!

Finally I am able to present to you... Mario's Revenge: Second Edition.

It has been in development since march 2005, so that is about 25 months of work (on and off) It is actually a remake of my whole Mario's Revenge series which i released about 4 years back.

The story may be kind of strange, but that was also in the originals, so I can't help it :P

I really hope you will enjoy it. Took me a shitload of time.



Come up with something original

The graphics and sound and diologu we great! But please come up with something original! U fuckin stole prince of persia

could be better

i was expectin some really gd movie from all that but it was a major disappointment, i dont like giving bad reviews but that was a major let down. the plot was jumbled together and i only gave a 8 in sound coz u had some good songs and thats it

Another Mario goes violent flash... but how.

Ok, this was strange. I'm used to flash works based solely on the idea that having Mario in a violent Matrix/DBZ/Kill Bill/whatever setting (and I didn't like most of them), but this one was weird in addition.

Now at least it wasn't lazy sprite copy and paste, but instead had an own style, ranging from pretty good (Mario) to rather ugly (the toads, Peach). Sound was ok, although the music didn't really seem to fit most of the time.

The dialogue, and the story in general, were pretty bad though. Lots of typos, and the plot is just weird. The fights were pretty boring, aswell, seeing as the only changes in the flow were various DBZ-esque transformations.

From the general quality, it seems like you are a competent flash artist, so please don't waste your talent on stuff like this. Violent Mario has been done many, many times before, only usually a lot worse in quality. And please write the dialogues properly. Lots of typos kill any plot, at least for me.

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Dull and stupid

This is one of the lamest and most retarded flashes I've seen. It depresses me to think you spent all that time creating such attractive animation and so much content inevitably for such a lame and uninteresting movie.

It'd be nice to see you put that animation talent towards something better. For one thing, NO DRAGONBALL Z. For crissakes, this whole flash was basically a DBZ cartoon with Mario and clock characters. As much as you might like DBZ, you are not going to make a flash that's very well respected if you put dbz garbage in it. Also, you should have someone else write you a story that is actually good and would be worth your while to animate. What's with all this soap opera "I'm really your father/mother" garbage? And if this was supposed to be a parody or intended for humor, you didn't present anything correctly to make someone think it's funny.

Bottom line: Don't waste a crapload of time making pretty animation if you aren't sure the cartoon is actually going to be good and worth the investment.


for someone that animates very well you are very childish i read your responses to a few comments and telling someone to grow a penis that was only offerering advice is just plain immature grow up, and as suggested before hire someone to write you a story line not the cliche bullshit animations that flood the portal involving something being able to go SS from dbz/hatred of clocks/ and overated rock music

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3.47 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2007
6:06 PM EDT