Mario's Revenge: SE

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Note: A lot of people don't seem to release the script is not meant to be taken seriously...

Runtime - Aprox.14 minutes, so make sure you got the time to watch!

Finally I am able to present to you... Mario's Revenge: Second Edition.

It has been in development since march 2005, so that is about 25 months of work (on and off) It is actually a remake of my whole Mario's Revenge series which i released about 4 years back.

The story may be kind of strange, but that was also in the originals, so I can't help it :P

I really hope you will enjoy it. Took me a shitload of time.



wait a minuet.................

sooooooo let me get this straight mario is part fat italion part Sayain part clock and part fruit?????? What the @#$% have you been doing?!!?!?

Roflmao, wtf?!

Fruits gave birth to a mushroom?
Shouldn't Luigi at least been the green shroom?
Mario the red one?
Animation for the little sprites were great, but the actual character movement looked weird :p

The whole sequence was weird too -.-

Not bad but not great

The music was good, the animation slick and smooth, the originality was okay, but some parts were a tad confusing and while i dont mind crossing video games/anime's, this is not one of those moments, your animation was good but it can be much better. Keep up the good work and it will be awsome. Graphics was a 10 because they looked good, style is a 10 because no one else i think uses this, 8 for sound for the music but some of the sounds were kind of lame, violence 9 because well there was alot of it XD, humor is 10 cause i laughed all the way through it. over all 7, as i said before its not bad but not good. Keep on working at it and youll be awsome ^^

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dude you need to seek intensive therapy. im not even joking you are twisted, even more twisted then that dude from saw three ( all of you who saw it know who im talking about ;p ) keep up the good work, keep out the clox. and give up mario, your ruining all my childhood games -_-

Good but remakes need more.

I loved the animation style in this but the fact that its a 4 year old story shows in the lack of maturity. That said I'd love to see you do an original action piece in a similar style in terms of the fights and effects. (and I'd love to write one for you) Well done on a technically brilliant flash.

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Apr 11, 2007
6:06 PM EDT