Mario's Revenge: SE

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Note: A lot of people don't seem to release the script is not meant to be taken seriously...

Runtime - Aprox.14 minutes, so make sure you got the time to watch!

Finally I am able to present to you... Mario's Revenge: Second Edition.

It has been in development since march 2005, so that is about 25 months of work (on and off) It is actually a remake of my whole Mario's Revenge series which i released about 4 years back.

The story may be kind of strange, but that was also in the originals, so I can't help it :P

I really hope you will enjoy it. Took me a shitload of time.



im really sorry but in my personal opinion

it was kind of a bit of a 5 year olds story book tale, that had a horrible plot. heres some tips
1. If your doing a clocks flash, dont, and i mean dont mix it with real characters, that just makes the movie anoyying, but for you case, even worse a flash where all the characters are really clocks.
2. do not add dragonball z to anything but dragon ball z, because that does not make your flash look cool, it makes it look pointless to watch, and i have seen thousands of thoose kinds and they all piss me and alot of others off.
3. your upside was your graphics they were awsome, and you had a few good songs, but the ending one SUCKED!.
4.your preloader could have been interactive,. but at least you had one.
5.i liked the kirby part, and mario, but hated the no plot addition of crusty dragon ballz and clocks please dont do that, or never and i mean NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER make a cartoon with a romantic ending, it sucks as a non cartoon, and makes your ending, what people see last look horrible.

Couldnt stand it.

As soon as Strawberry Clock turned super saiyan, I closed the window. This was an insult to the mario series. The 3D was good, but I'm pretty sure you used another program and converted it for that scene.

mario walks like a droid, his right arm swings forward when his right leg takes a step forward. I can't watch that.

you're right. I can't do better. Possibly because I haven't used flash for a long time and I never plan on using it. so in the time being I will critique this flash.

didn't like it. I never close flashes that i begin watching. this was a first. congrats

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Okay, let me get this picture for you. You go here, expecting a run of the mill classic mario toon. Then you get this clockinated DBZ parodying not-so-worth-of-mentioning flash. If you had pulled you straight together, focused, and taken your clock animations into a freakishly big fire, this would have been worth watching. "You killed my father." Plot. We want a normal mario plot. Bowser kidnaps peach or something else, yadda yadda. You give us clock/mario movie with some so-so fighting scenes. I mean, why the hell did StrawberryClock attack Mario in the first place? Did he kill his father? Notice. Sarcasm. Could have been better. I guess I'm just not a clock fan. Alike the larger community in here.

This Was An Insult to Paper Mario

There goes 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back. It wasn't funny at all. The only thing you have going for you are the few 3-D segments. Sorry.

pretty good

But not that great. :(
Only reason being, the story was pretty random. I mean seriously, it's random. First of all, WHY THE HELL ARE THERE FRUIT CLOCKS!?>P Second of all, What's up with Kirby being in the same universe as mario? Seriously, no characters outside of the Mario Universe can be in Mario movies. (Except for Sonic, 'cause he kicks ass!) >D And another thing, why did you have to draw everything yourself? Couldn't you've ripped some sprites from Paper Mario: The Thousand year door? Another thing, WHAT'S UP WITH PEOPLE TURNING INTO SUPER SAENS! Seriously, this is like Mario colliding with DBZ, in a bad way! Bottem line, I'm not saying your movie's terrible, just not great, meaning nothing that would impress me. Great idea, but just a random story isn't going to get you anywhere. Nice job on this move dispite my major complants. And one more peice of advice, when doing a Mario movie or any movie that relates to any video games, like Sonic or Starcraft, be sure to rip out some sprites from that certain game before you make the actual movie. Good luck next time and I hope you'll do better than before! :)

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Apr 11, 2007
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