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The story is inspired by the time i got beaten up. The main character is based on me. He gets hit in the face (that actually happened to me), falls on the road and then his head gets ran over by a car (that didn't happen to me). It took fookin ages. I drew every frame myself and some shots are 24 frames a second. The musics by Aphex Twin.

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Highly underrated!

With a traditionally done, drawn-on-paper animation such as this one, of course a few mistakes will be made during production. However, I applaud the effort of such a submission when done right. Plus, I have no problem with people uploading video submissions on here as long as there is actual effort put into it. Now, let me get started...

In terms of art and animation, I really like the style used and the colors that were chosen. As for some of the pencil drawings being hard to see, which most have complained about: I suggest that you consider getting some fine-liner/multi-liner pens in which you would "ink" them akin to what was done throughout animation history. That way it will be much easier to see things next time if you ever made another of these. When it comes to the sound, I think that the music selection was a winner and enhanced the mood that you were aiming for. Even though I'm not into Aphex Twin, I won't hold that against you. Then there was the content, which blows Notorious* out of the water. I found this to be quite touching and the direction is excellent. (*=If you want examples of bad direction, try watching Cupid vs. Hate Demons or Lethal Injection.) The pace may be fast for something so dramatic, but that didn't affect the enjoyability of this one bit.

What I liked:
-The fact that you drew and colored this on paper.
-Nice tone, story, and direction.
-Clever use of Aphex Twin's music
-Great art and animtion.

What I did not like:
-The fact that flash zealots will trash this for being a video submission.
-Aside from a few drawing/animation errors, I think you could have used a fine-liner/multi-liner pen to make it easier to make out. On the other hand, that would have lengthened production time.

Overall: Oscar, how would you like a ten from me?

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

In a word, Epic. The nicest review I've ever gotten. Thanks so much :D I really want to make more cartoons like this actually. Been concentrating on Flash mostly at the moment but I'd like to combine the 2. Do some things that can only be done in Flash, print each frame, trace it and paint it on paper. I like the idea of containing changing textures within a solid form. My ultimate aim in animation is to combine all the different styles of animation to make something that looks new. Thanks man, very encouraging :D


Jesus christ, I love your animation! Why the low score?
Maybe you should have included some pictures of Mario or Sonic or some anime shit at the end so that the kiddies would have liked it...
I simply love it, the only thing you could have done better is increasing the contrast (but I can guess that if you really drew this by hand/ with a pencil, it would have been even more work...)
If you have the time, email me how you did the animation.

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

I'll just tell ya here. I drew every frame on paper with a light box. Painted some frames in watercolour and colourd some in in pen and then I just scanned every drawing in in sequence and put them togather in flash. Exported it all as a movie and then re-imported the video into flash.

I'm glad I watched it

I'm seeing some really good things from you, but I think your type of art does not exactly fit in with flash. But other than that I loved your animating talent. I'm guessing that must have been a bitch to draw.

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

Thanks alot. This animation was a bit of a novelty cus i wanted to take no short cuts atall and hand draw and paint every frame. The project im working on now though is much longer and done on flash.


i probally would of gave you a 9 or a 10 if it was longer.

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

My next one will be longer i promise because i wont be hand drawing every frame.

You need to use more colour!

I like your artwork and the soundtrack you used. But everything is a bit unclear and you have to watch very carefully to catch what's going on.
I'd say you should
- use more colour
- make stronger contrasts
- make it longer, because I think it was awesome work.
Keep in mind that making good flash always requests much time. (Yeah, I know, I didn't make any myself...)
But keep working on it!

OscarBaldwinStudio responds:

I re submitted the animation with clearer video after seeing your review and the other reviews that say its unclear. It takes longer to load now but looks much better. I would have added more colour to it had i not got bored with painting every frame.