Tails Quest

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This isn't the first time i've done stuff with flash but this is my first lengthy animation with it. I did a comic a year ago and it was my first one so i thought for my frist Flash movie why not animate it! I would put a link to the comic but i dont think im allowed to.. This flash took a while and i've overcame a lot even though there are somethings like audio doubling and appearing in places i didn't put it or muting altogether that almost made me throw my moniter accross the room. Enjoy the Movie!^^



this is amazing but i would love to know ware you got the sound effects from
(if anyone else know ware the sound effects are from can you msg me the site thanks)

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Very well done.

Look,you probably don't get on this review page much,but I just gotta say,nice work!Yes,the backgrounds could've been better,but,I mean,it's still WAY better than some,er...MOST,of the stuff I see here.The idea was really well thought-out.If you want any advice...if users here are trashing you for anything they think is junk,I'd advise for you to make a sequel to prove that you're just a little better.Kay?And maybe check out Tails's love triangle if you need a thought or some inspiration.You get a nice 10 for the time you must've put into it as well.

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Not bad

Not bad at all 8)


I'm actually kind of going with the guy below me. Now please don't shoot me face just because I'm about to give a few pros and cons myself.

First off, there aren't too many Flash movies that relate both to Tails and Cosmo, and even though I'm not some huge taismo fan, sometimes I'm dieing to see Tails and Cosmo together again as well so, you scored yourself a few points for original idea (er...sort of).

It appears also that you actually attempted to draw your own landscape, good effort! Not the best, but still good effort.

The animation was okay too. Good potential to become a pro animator with sprites.

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3.96 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2007
8:22 AM EDT
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