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Whats started as Nimbin the movie, after 2 years of planning and writing is finally underway...
A blend of live action and animation, Gerkinman the Movie is the story of the life of an internet flash character "hasbeen".


Looks good

I can't give anything more than a seven to a preview, but i'm looking forward to the real one. Good job.

I loved it!

Wow! All I can really say is that this is a very very unique movie! What got me was your direct attention to have a unique style. I have NEVER seen a flash movie on Newgrounds that had animation on top of video before! Not even on top, but really... IN. Overall, ther was really no story as it was a trailer... But goddamn did you make it good! So sir, I give you a kudos, and if your selling your movie on the net, give 'ol Jakey a PM. ;)

Gerkinman TheMovie Teaser

It actually wasn't a very good teaser. It didn't reveal too much about the actual movie, it seems as if you don't have anything done for the movie, so you just animated a random-ass scene for the trailer which will probably not even appear in the movie (That is, if you actually make it). So I am left here not knowing what to expect. I am also not sure why you published it in video format. Didn't seem necessary.

The artwork was good, but the animation was bouncy and gravity-defying.

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3.59 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2007
7:33 PM EDT
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