Paladins of the Empire I

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Paladins of an Empire: The birth of evil
WARNING! Large file size!
This is the most epic flash animation you've ever seen! Paladins from an Empire of Khroon fights against evil orcs and undead. They almost lost but then... watch movie and check yourself what happens next! Don't worry about plot becouse this one is great.


5 ................................................

man make another this is crap

Nice trick

Ha, ha, nice "Joke" (I hope), but it DOES tell you the file size from the portal you know... only 403kb? Wow amazing, a lil bit clever, this could have passed, and still might. Sadly.

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It's funny, in that "not funny at all" sort of way. Unfortunately, the joke is ruined by Newground's tendency to ALWAYS display the actual file size of a submission.

Quarior responds:

Yes, I know but not everybody look at size:P. I hope so...

Just be honest

What if you do promises to girls? What if you be elected as the president of the united states? And you said those things? I will score for the glorifying spartians that are brave to represent our true glory and not be just a persian king laughing for his work done! Well, the song motivated me to write this review, I guess...

Large indeed

So Large Ive been waiting for it to load for over a 20 minutes... maybe you should shorten the movie up into shorter portions so it doesnt take so long... I really wanted to watch this... T_T Im a paladin fan.

Quarior responds:

Eee... ok there is no any movie. And I'm paladin fan too:). Maybe someday I will make a normal flash about paladins:P.

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Apr 10, 2007
3:23 AM EDT