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3 days of work! Have fun!


stabby people

great game slightly slow in the arena but on like the 6 or 7th fight the guy kills you in two hits while i stab him like an infinity times with my rambo knife and do like totaly shit damage to him but otherwise great games and nice graphics

Meh, Its okay

Not tooo terribly bad.

A few glitches, especially in the arena when it didnt count hits, it gets a little boring after a while.

It could have used some music, and it wasnt as interactive as it could be, but not bad.

Really bad....

Dunno how this made front page, they'r normally quite good. But this was...terrible. The fights were the same over and over agaion. stab, dodge, stab, dodge, stab, dodge, stab, dodge, stab, dodge, stab, dodge. I could carry on for ever. The first bit about finding the knife, nice idea...but terrible. The sound got annoying after a while, and the knife sounds could'v made the sanist person mad

Graphics: Bad, but a hint of 3d in it. Most of the time the background were good.
Style: Very nice idea for a game, but no storyline. It is too random, (Why would you go to your kitchen, get a knife and go to a "Stab Arena"?) If someone else made this game..It would be legendary.
Sound: Annoying, low quality and make the sanist person crazy. failed.
Violence: Highest score you got, 9. Stabbing people to death bit a bread knife.
Interactivity: 3 buttons to attack, and 1 button to dodge. Arrow keys were useless. Response times were off by miles. Press dodge to dodge one thing, and by the time he's gone back he's been hit 3 times.
Humour: No Humour at ALL, and wasnt funny. Period.
Overall: Nice touch with the 3d graphics, but gameplay was terrible, useless and response times were terrible. No storyline involved, and the make-up of game was annoyingly bad...
Try again.


Gurnz responds:

Ok an update is underway, it will come within the hour I hope, TO FIX THE RESPONSE TIME!.


.... is this game about? there are way to many points fucked me up...
- why i have to break my keyboard only to make this slow fuck stab the other guy?
- why am i not able to win using "space", but only pressing "w"?
- if i was the guy in this game and i knew i am the slowest person on this planet so why i would choose stabbing to make money... there are other ways to make cash... like selling lemonade in front of my house!!!
the only nice thing to mention here are the graphics!
there are other games out there, and i dont understand why this piece made frontpage...

Could've been tons better.

The response time is awful and the actual battles too simple.

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3.15 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2007
11:13 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS