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Hello all,

I just through together this little Random Password Generator for a bit of fun, and I'm rather proud of it, as I used all my own code for this (I am a bit of a noob at AS).

If you ever need a strong random password for anything at all, and can't think of one, try this. It generates 10 different passwords and password permutations (so you can choose a more memorable one) at each click, between 6, 8 and 10 digits, in Alpha-Numeric or with symbols as well. Most people use words or letter combinations (the infamous 123456 etc) but for a nice strong password, this could save your bacon from hackers. Of course, this only generates them... YOU gotta remember it! :P

Please review nicely, remember, this is my first interactive flash.


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Cool, nice action scripting. It's random for sure.

-Strawberry Sith


Positives: It worked.
Negatives: Everything else.

It could have been less of a waste of time... The passwords sucked too. Maybe combining actual words with appropriate symbols instead of incomprehensibly random sequences? I know it's supposed to be random, but you crossed a line.

Hmm...not so bad

Ok, well. If you created this in a programming language such as c++ and had an interface in an ms-dos console, it would be great. If you created it in an API interface with buttons and feedback such as Java, it would be good. Users who have flash cellphones could use this of course.

But let me tell you something. I believe that you didn't put a lot effort for it. Since its flash animation, its more easy to put things on. If it was c++, I would say..yeah, he dwelved more with the language. Its very good for people though who don't know how to create one. If there is no password generator at newgrounds, I request people to not blam it since it is handful for some reason. Keep creating something more innovating next time ;)

Tolomus responds:

Thanks m8 for the review:) I guess your right in that it could have been much more useful. I did indeed try to concentrate more on the language, and I didn't want to fill it with pretty graphics, etc... it was just meant to be functional, and the least possible file size. I'll try to be more innovative:)

I don't understand

Note to flash developers. You DO NOT have to submit every little thing you make to newgrounds. Wait until you have made something useful. Don't tell me there are people in the world that cannot come up with their own 6,8,10 random characters!

Tolomus responds:

It may not be useful to you, but I hope some people might find a use for it. Cheers anyway for your review.

Kinda pointless....

But I like it! If for nothing more, people can always try and find whatever they thing the strangest or hardest to crack.

Tolomus responds:

Cheers for the review.:)

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2.33 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2007
7:23 PM EDT
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