Salad Fingers - Rebirth

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I think you should do the graphics - David Firth the story.

Despite it being a "parody" (like you say, it's where it's at - I'd call this an hommage) your style gives they whole thing a LOT more of that special little something...

I say go for it. Get in touch and make some mixed Salad.

With spunk as dressing.


Even though I absolutely hate salad fingers, your rendition sure was a well remake. The series just rubs me the wrong way...

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ooo nice touch

i have to sa i love the rebirth of salad fingers i am rite fan of salad fingers i think that this is a new level and do belive that david firth his versoin is a one off which makes it extar amazing but this is a one of to its a great have to differnt minds can creat two differen tmovie but over the same story :) xxx

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Surprisingly good remake

Liked the new graphics, they were darker and more intricate than the original. Wouldn't have changed the original style of writing however, it made the character seem more personal.

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For a reanimation, this is past excellent. I like that you used the sound directly from the old flash rather than voiced it yourself. It wouldn't have worked with a new voice. Your style of art is just like the David Firth flash, so it seemed like it was from David Firth himself. Anything less and it would have filed dramatically. It was quite creepy, and the additions provided an overall feeling of despair that is akin to the original salad fingers movies. It's actually even better than the original.

It's very hard to explain what I mean about this next part, but I'll try my best. There is a feeling I'm familiar with that this flash gets very well. It's something that I've gotten from stuff like the old NES game Shadowgate, and from other games like Silent Hill. It's from a normal modern setting that's been let to be destroyed or disordered to the point that it's frightening. David Firth understood this well, and that's why he's so good at bringing out the emotion of fear in his movies. Your flash shows this feeling just as well. I like how it's done in this flash. Good work mate.

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Apr 9, 2007
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