Marilyn the Goth

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- Better title
- Larger size (1300x900)
- More than one hairstyle
- More clothes

This dress-up was made mostly by me. AlexanderTheInsane just edited the Newgrounds preloader. I figured he'd be better at making it look better than me, so... you get the idea!

If any you enjoyed this, feel free to suggest any additions and I might make it happen.



loved it but the socks go over the shoes and the clothes and stuff.

but it was fun.

maybe some music?

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it's to big for my screen,
how do I make it smaller, and no I can scroll.
I have a demo of the new beta for windows.
I need help I wanna play =0


the animation needs some work. I enjoyed it a bit until I realized that there was a glitch. You need to fix it. anyways its fun but kind of boring.


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the purple sopcks don't move

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Midian responds:

I wish I could fix that right now, but I can't. The folder containing the dress up .fla files on my computer was deleted by a curious/bored 9 year-old brother of mine who didn't know what the fuck he was doing! To make matters worse, I can't get AlexanderTheInsane to send me a copy of the .fla I sent him, because his hard drive was damaged by his overheated laptop! He PM'ed me saying that he can't get the hard drive repaired, and he had to buy a new one!

So yeah! We pretty much have to rebuild the whole god damn thing! But this time, it won't look as poor as it is now. This time, AlexanderTheInsane is going to work on the art because he's now a much better artist than me.

Version 2 is about 30% complete. I'll make sure that the little brat doesn't touch my computer again, and I'll pray to Christ that AlexanderTheInsane's computer won't fuck up again!

... Oh, and I'll make sure that the purple socks will move when you click on them.

not bad

for a dress up game its ok. not that many parts though, all i did was take her clothes off then i got bored. if you added music, more parts and more people to dressup, also moving parts (just animate the MC's and they can be dragged in the same way) it should get a pretty decent score. one of my 1st flashes was a dressup but i worked at it and got a 3

keep it up

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Apr 9, 2007
2:20 PM EDT
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