Nineteen Hippos

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[top edit] thanks for frontpage tom! to all the users who don't really know who i am, i'm sorry about the quality of this toon. it is slightly lacking, it was quickly whipped up on my birthday week. sorry it couldn't be as glamorous as i wanted :(

Oops, i tried too quickly to submit the movie so it would be before 12, so it would still be submit on my birthday. however, i failed to test the movie properly, and didn't even have working buttons. now this movie is super late, great.

well, late happy birthday to me i guess, here's some RARE footage of the bluehippo caught on tape.

[edit] lemme explain my part :3 it was about a week left till my birthday, and i decided i badly needed a flash, as i haven't made much (i need deadlines). but i couldnt think of a birthday idea that had to do with easter... so, what you see, is the production of pure randomness. especially the end, which i just randomly came up with tonight (i couldn't stop giggling while i was animating it, mainly that dumb singing part) saddly i had my part done in time, and knew how long it took to export, but didn't think how much longer it would take with all the new additional scenes, so my movie is submit a day after my birthday :( oh well, that's what i get for slackin!

hope you enoy watching this as i did making this. i hadn't done a lot of voice acting for my own flashes in the past, so this was quite amusing (i also took the easy way out on syncing :X)


[edit edit] also, i really rushed the preloader and menu, i should have taken more time on it. i might go back and redo it tomorrow :/


Really quite lovely

and entertaining and nice.

Happy birthday hunni

loved menu music

fit very well with the flash, overall everything was done very well.its nice to see another great quality collab


it was expected

Flippin' sweet!

Very cool! Awesome shading, much better than most of these submissions I see on NG.

All of oyu guys are graet

seriosuly...all of you had great style, flash ability...and sotry tellin

I defeinaly really really enjoyed this. Greag Flash and happy birhtday...whoevers it is...

gave it a 5!

BlueHippo responds:

twas bluehippo's birthday! and thank you, sir.

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4.20 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2007
12:21 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody