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Warning: Short.

This was just done because I was bored, but if it goes well, I'll probably make it a type of series.

Also, I'm looking for voice actors for different segments, if you're interested, PM me.

Sorry to anyone who auditioned to do the voice for this, I didn't get a response fast enough from anyone, so I did it myself.

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moar plz

Hilarious with Great Potential

I have been a big fan of Dom's work and this video has to be one of his greatest. This has real potential to become a fantastic series, maybe even bigger than the laser collection series. Please make this into a series and you can have different reporters that will be at the different scenes. I also love how this has abit of the Monty Python style of comedy.

i read the words on the bottom!

omg! killer limbos and bunnies! im ur #1 fan!

LMAOROFL Subway:Eat fresh! :D

This is the funniest short video I've ever seen. :D
"...The Dog will never walk again. On a lighter note, a child was killed in a tragic Subway accident. *Child stands next to Subway, and subway falls sideways,crushing the child*" xDDD LOL Family Guy had scenes like that, which made it funny as hell but now you never see just a simple "......*BOOM*" Type of scene. :D It's worth watching your videos, I watched this twice to read the text at the bottom. xD LOL Bunnies starting a riot.


the kid was killed on a subway accident *subway falls down* lolololololololol
5/5 10/10