Mortal Kombat: SRFE

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Author Comments

this project has been kicking around for a while but now it's done i present to you dear views;

"Mortal Kombat: Super Random Fighter Edition"

7 Kombatants from 7 different games must fight each other the prize of there life, and the bonus... each fight is only a few seconds long because they've not that fair.

i hope you enjoy

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awsome!heres somethin about the fatalityes,lol

asterix:like it said,cheap lol
batman: idk lol
f-zero: wow,that was bloody
dhostbusters: that was drainage,lol
luke: double wammy for asterix
back from future:nothing
robocop:head shot lol
good video,i mite try to maek 1 myself someday =D

great man

F-Zero had me cracking up for awhile. . .but

why did you name sonic "Ermac" from MK3?

You gave this entry a 5, raising its score from 2.5509 to 2.5605!

Team-Retro06 responds:

thqanks very much for your comment, it's my first flash and i'm really happy that other people like it.

sonic is in there as a little homage to an rumor of a accident/glitch that was in the arcade version of MK1, look at the name above his life bar and the fact his sound is screwed: wikipedia expliation (taken from the first part of the triva seaction)

"In the arcade version of Mortal Kombat, a glitch was rumored to cause Scorpion or Sub-Zero to morph into a red ninja, named "ERMAC" (short for "error macro"). This rumor spread like wild-fire when Electronic Gaming Monthly published a mockup image of this glitch without stating it was fake. However, some players still believed that there was another secret character. Due to the rumors surrounding the glitch, Midway did eventually include a red ninja character named Ermac as an official character in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, and he has subsequently appeared in other Mortal Kombat games, such as Deception, and as a secret character to fight in Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks."

a little bit of a geeky reference but i prepared myself for people that didn't get it :).

Great concept poorly executed.

Overall, this was a pretty good cartoon. Graphics were decent, very good concept, sounds were good, good overall production, only there was one big problem. The fights were not good. They were almost completely unfunny, unentertaining, and some didn't even make sense. This could be a great video, if the fights were made to be a little better.

Team-Retro06 responds:

The main reason that I made the fight so short was the fact I’ve seen a few fight parody’s like this on newgrounds.com with long fights and they bored me to tears so I tried to go the other way with it happening super fast with silly results, but you can't please everyone, but thanks for your criticism and I will take note for the second one, if I make one.

Thanks for the flashback.

Overall I think this was a great idea. I dont know why you didnt make the fights longer after taking the time to put it all together. I think this would make a sweet game if you wouldnt mind making it. :P good job

Team-Retro06 responds:

thanks, i have that noted for the second one:)

Reminds me of my N64 days

Good work. The fights weren't that long but hey, they were entertaining. The sound and graphics all helped to put the viewer back into the older days of gaming. Keep it up

Team-Retro06 responds:

i glad i invoked those feels of nostalgia for you. and thanks for your comment:)

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Apr 8, 2007
5:46 PM EDT
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