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Going Postal: Extreme

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Author Comments

A postmans' life is thrown into jeopardy when he comes across a parcel bomb while doing his rounds. He then takes it upon himself to rid the town of this terrorist threat.

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bomb disposal... to the EXTREME!!! XD

Animation: 8/10
Story: 8/10

Animation: just you smooth animated style^^

Story: a postman that saves the day, in a strange way, original but not as original as the pigeon flash

Audio: the audio is good but didn't show that much of compatibility

Dynamic: Still the same, just a new play button....

sorbitol responds:

I forgot about this one too!

Something to do with a bomb. And a bicycle.

I can't remember much about this but I did put quite a bit of effort into it. It somehow got daily 2nd but I'm not sure how. I think maybe because Pigeon Psychosis was on the front-page and so people were voting a bit manically when I submitted this. It's not dreadful but it certainly didn't deserve 2nd.

Maybe a generous 5th?

DoctorMayonaisse has no taste

That was an excellent flash. If somebody is going bombing your mailbox, then he/she needs to be killed somehow.

You get a perfect 70/70 from me!!


sorbitol responds:

Why thank you!

so close yet so far away


the movie was soooo good up until the part where the guy puts the bomb into the mail box and the post guy uses a gun to add to teh violence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on now couldnt he have talked the guy out of bombing people seriously did he have to resort to murdering the person????? and then deficateng on them too????????? omg

if someone is putting bombs into your mail box thats no excuse to shoot them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hell it could be an accident or something and ther eyou go putting a GUN out and taking a life for what????? so some stupid ass letters dont get burnt?????? why did he have a gun anyways arent thye illegil under postal regulations?????? its sense less things like that that encoreage the evil gun violance thaqt kills hundreds of thosands of kids in teh usa every year and feed an industry of pain and death!!!!!!!!!!!!! their is no reason the post man needed a gun he could have called the police or something or even talked the bpomer out of bombing things why not try some compasian instead of violance for a change???????? hell the crowd coulda jumped the guy with the bomb and taken him out of the game without needing to kill him then you would have some intel instead of a dead person who says nothing its typacal to shoot first and ask questians later thats why bin laden is still free!!!!!!!!!

siriously until that part with the guns the movie was top notch and fun though the part with teh orphanage was distrubing i just want you to think about the serious consaqnences of using guns in films that kids might see this is a serious problem with serious ramifacations lets stop the voilance k????????????


sorbitol responds:


awesome one

that was a pretty interesting, unique and original animation you got here. the postman was a pretty good character, a little odd, but quite entertaining. it had a nice concept to it, 'extreme' is a major understatement... perhaps even a little overkill in some spots, but it was still pretty cool. the ending was a little weird, but it really suited this one. congrats on getting an award for this one.

sorbitol responds:

Thanks for the review!
I'm glad you found it "unique" and "original".
Thanks also for taking the time to leave a review. They're always appreciated!

It was good BUT.....

It was good and quite funny, but i agree with some other guys before me that it was quite racist stereotype thing in the end, ecspecially when he tried to take a sh1t on him. It also was appropriate for all submissions when you could see his dick and all....

Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2007
5:13 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place April 9, 2007