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The Apocalypse, part I

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Update: I *was* going to add the sound files to the audio portal, but the audio portal no longer accepts .wav files. So until either the portal again accepts .wav format or until i have time to do conversions to mp3 format, the uploads aren't going to happen. Drop me a note if you want one of the sound files before then.

This covers ch.1-11 of the Apocalypse, slightly abridged and revised in light of this being the 21stC. If you think such a depiction would offend you, do yourself a favor and watch something else. If the animation style reminds you of Monty Python that's because it was deliberately made that way. The bits of music that I made for this will be added to the Audio Portal later. Run time is roughly 3 1/2 minutes.

For all you Clocks out there: B makes a cameo appearance. Also, any semblence to any Clock in this movie, living or dead, is somewhat coincidental.

Special thanks goes out to G.F. Handel, the state of Texas, and a bunch of anonymous monks whose art got used like sprites.

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oh my

wow that was retarded, extremely retarded, but funny

BurningRiverStudio responds:

Since funny was what i was after, i'll take that as a compliment.