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Author Comments

Well yes, I have made another flash already. This one's showing my view of society, it uses symbolism to a degree.
I'd love to hear your interpritations of it, and before you ask, no I'm not going all serious and pulling messages from my arse.
Enjoy and visit my site.

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this was pretty much awsome.
i'm not going to lie.
loved it with every fiber in my being.


I liked this one a lot, i think what has made this such a good watch is the way you drew your characters, the character designs were quite breathtaking, so unique, i especially liked the computer monitor head character. The music selection also suited this piece very well. The only problem i had with this flash was that you ended it quietly, i would have loved for you to have brought the intense music back for the ending. Overall i was very pleased by your efforts, you have a lot of potential when it comes to animation.


Beyond-Insanity-666 responds:

Wow! =O this is possibly the best review EVER!! "breathtaking" =P yeah I officially rock now.
Aaanyhoo, thanks for the review, I'm quite fond the of the corperate drone myself. Really the ending of this was meant to be saddening, all them people lost someone they looked up to so unless they just randomly explode for no reason I couldn't think of a way to go out with a bang.
And thankoo for the lil pep talk at the end there. Peace x

Nice work.

Incredible incorporation of sound into the flash movie. An excellent amateur flash movie. Shading was nicely done (of course improvements could be made, but that will come with time and more experience). Keep up the good work.

Beyond-Insanity-666 responds:

Wow! I never expected to be told about how well I incorporated sound, and yeah, personally I hated shading, it's such a pisstake but there were a few elements I felt I had to change to fit the mood of this flash, for one start shading, and secondly draw in thinner lines.
Thansk for the review and I'll try.


...enough for me to watch it twice! I tried to figure out your overall message; first I thought there was a big brother theme. Then I thought maybe it was societies' lust for war. Now I don't know. I'll call it good entertainment.

Beyond-Insanity-666 responds:

Hmm... well I wasn't trying for either, but now you mention them I can see where you got the idea from, big brother from the camera men and war from the rocket, but what I was really trying to convey was how oblivious society is nowadays, a celebrity will be a wanted distraction from the government, that way they can build in the background with the poeple not interested in the background only this looming yellow character in front of them. He did'n't REALLY need to die, I just couldn't think how else it'd happen so I made the government blame the office drone. Some people are just such celeb wanna be's I showed this with masks, and they're always watched (I spose like in a big brother sense).
Damn, that's a long response! Well thanks for the review and sharing your interpretations with me =D

Loved it.

I loved your use of symbolism. The characters were awesome and the story was pretty cool. Your animation was great and most of the drawings pretty cool but I think you should have used more of a variety of colors and city scenes because in a few cases it was hard for me to understand what was happening. Overall great work 4/5.

Beyond-Insanity-666 responds:

Thanks for the review, but I chose everything that was done in here, from the size of the characters, to the colour of the walls, everything in this movie has a purpose to tell people my view on society... except the end I just really liked that drawing lol
Again, thanks for the review =)

Credits & Info

4.02 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2007
6:42 PM EDT