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Global Defense System

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edit: Thanks Tom for Front Page !! :D
Global Defense System
Defend earth from waves of asteroids with weapons platforms and automated laser turrets and a hand full of weaponry. Developed by Dark Realm Studios and sponsored by Heavy Games
-Make full use of the secondary weapon system to switch between slow and fast weapons.
-Extend visibility!
-Don't stop shooting.
-Aim before asteroids.
-Practice makes perfect!
visit the Dark Realm Studios forums for discussions.


That game is friken FUN!

Man I love games were you can upgrade your guns...and boy this game takes it to the limit!

has potential...

although the gameplay isn't very exciting, the game has never ceased to entertain me. the control in this game is easy to master, and destroying asteriods and racking up experience points along the way can be very satisfying. the game really heats up once you've purchased the most powerful upgrades and found yourself almost invulerable to all kinds of assault. each time you've finished the time, you feel the urge to play it all over again cos it doesn't take long to see the ending lol...
but the upgrades and enemies lack variety. it does get a little bit repetitve after a while because there aren't much to do cept shooting down asteriods, which drags its mark down. in order to make the game more challenging and additive, you need to include more enemies in the future, like fast-moving comets or perhaps some ufos. you also need a storyline or a brief introduction for the game, or maybe some gradings at the end of the game, so that players will know how well they did. the file-size is a little bit too large too. try to compress the whole thing more.

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i was dissapointed when it said i saved the earth in the middle of a lvl :)

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Fantastic Defense Game!

OK! For all the people complaining about the difficulty, here's a detailed strategy that works 100% of the time. (.... at least for me it does. :P ) You have to follow it directly for it to work.

Note: Keep in mind that during this game, you want to focus on shooting the asteroids that are moving fast, not the ones that are bigger than the other ones. When aiming for asteroids that are going downwards, aim about 1 centimeter below them. Varies between speed of asteroid, so just try to aim where the asteroid will be by the time your fire your bullets.

Level 1: Fight as usual, after the level is complete, DON'T buy anything. Proceed to Level 2.

Level 2: After defeating the level, buy a platform. (Does not matter which side you buy, just buy one)

Level 3: After defeating the level, buy the other platform that you didn't buy earlier.

Level 4,5,6,7, and 8: From here on out until level 9, defeat levels with just your default weapon (Sledge bullets), and with your 3 platform. After you've defeated level 8, you should have enough money for your first 473mm BBO Laser A.K.A. Blue Laser. Buy it for whichever platform you feel most comfortable in relying your accuracy in. (I, preferably, put it on the middle one, but other people might rely on other ones more. Also, make sure it's your primary weapon.)

Note: The reason why relying on your sledge bullets and 3 platforms for levels 3 through 8 works is because of the "Push" factor in this game. Basically speaking, all weapons in this game have the same "Push" factor. For example, if it took 10 sledge bullets to push a asteroid back to the top of the screen, it would also take 10 blue laser shots to push it to the top of the screen. Even though the blue laser does more damage than sledge bullets, the "Push" it gives onto the asteroids is the same as the sledge bullets. So the only 2 differences you'll receive between the sledge bullets and the blue laser is the rate of fire, and the difference in the amount of shots it takes to actually obliterate the asteroid. So with this in mind, the main idea to staying alive in this game is to "Push" the asteroids to the left side or the right side of the screen, since if an asteroid makes contact with the left or right side of the screen, it gets destroyed instantly.

Level 9, 10, and 11: Now with your new 473mm BBO Laser, annihilate those asteroids like you mean it. O_O After defeating level 11, you should have enough money to buy your 2nd Blue Laser. Equip to any platform you like. (However, DON'T equip it as a secondary weapon to an already equipped blue laser platform)

Level 12 and 13: Proceed to use deadly force on asteroids. After completing level 13, you should have enough money for your final Blue Laser. (Once again, DON'T buy it as a secondary weapon for any platform)

Level 14: Destroy asteroids. After beating level 14, buy your first TL09 Antimatter Missiles. (Important Note: Buy Antimatter Missiles as secondary weapons. Buying it as a primary weapon will cause you to lose your blue laser)

Note: Now with Antimatter Missiles, your other 6 keyboard buttons come into play. If you equipped your Antimatter Missiles to your middle platform, press W, fire once, then immediately switch back to blue lasers. This will cause you to fire it, destroying the asteroids within its blast radius, while still firing your blue lasers. (Basically, hold your mouse button down throughout the entire time of this process)

Level 15: Destroy the level, and buy Antimatter Missiles for your other 2 platforms. (Should have enough money for it)

From here on out, you'll just be firing away your Antimatter Missiles when they're ready to be fired, while blasting asteroids with your Blue Lasers at the same time. (Basically, keep mouse button held down, and constantly press Q,W, and E for your Antimatter Missiles, then switch back quickly by pressing A,S, and D, so you can fire blue lasers again.)

If you WANT, you can buy turrets and visibility, but it's not required.

Hope this helps you guys beat this game, for those of you having trouble.

- Omegaman12 ^_^

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Ok, seriously?

What were you thinking when you developed this game?
Some asteroids are unblockable at the starting level. Wich make you at about 50% HP at lvl 3 with still not a single upgrade yet.
Speaking of upgrades. Have you completed this game yourself? It takes too frikkin' long to get anything decent.
Now. I know there's a possibility to buy extra sigh. But you might want to put that line a bit higher so we can get a decent start the first few levels. Just have more asteroids coming at later levels or make them bigger and thus (with your ass physics) harder to move.
I really hate your physics. They're very unrealistic. Most of the time I ended up shooting an asteroid onto earth just before it would go off screen.
I do not have much patience with games, occasionly I throw my PS2 controller 'round my room 'cause the game is HALF as frustrating as yours. Now I feel like picking up my keyboard and slamming it into my screen.
Try again! :/

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4.02 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2007
1:09 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed