My GOD, Robots! Episode10

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Here is the last episode of season 1 of My GOD, Robots! It raps up a lot of story that may or may not have been previously understood by the viewers. Since my computer crashed, I only have the swf and no longer the FLA, so I can't do anything about the slight audio issues in some parts. But here is one of the lines transcribed so that you don't have to complain:

[from the scene where Schniz is in the bathroom]
"Tomorrow morning my plan will be complete to eliminate The One and finally succeed to infect every planet in the universe!"

I will upload Episode 9 tomorrow or when I get back after the weekend, because it is just a joke episode and I wanted to get all the core episodes up first.


HoLy CrAp!


alright alright, that was good

this series has been getting worse and worse since the second version of the pilot (first virsion would have kicked ass) but the last few were alright (not counting sandwich one) it's good animation and I like all the voices, just try to tone down the randomness to only funny random things ok?

looking forward to season 2,


I hope you're working on a season 2.

Pretty Good

This is a nice series. The jokes are funny, to a video-game playing teenage crowd (which i'd assume nearly all Newgrounds memebrs are), and the art is very stylistically done.

i was able to understand nearly all of what the characters said, so, in my opinion, the audio doesn't need much work. However, some subtitles would be nice.

All in all, nice job. Keep at it.

An overall ok...

The graphics and visual effect were cool, but i could barely understand what they were saying...and everything seem too fast. If you slowed it down a little, people could understand what they were saying and get the jokes if they wernt flying by so fast. But over all the visual effects were cool.

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4.14 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2007
11:07 AM EDT
Comedy - Original

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