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Rubber Duckie

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Author Comments

This is an official Animutation. It's been, gee, a while since the last one. I hope they're still appreciated. :)
A word to the uneducated: Don't watch this expecting anything more than a psychotic bag of nonsense and pop culture.

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It's been awhile? It would be a lot longer than that later on! Anyway, this is a great animutation. I don't recognize these characters from your other ones. I love the idea of Fred Flintstone appearing. Such an iconic character should be here.

I like the crazy visuals. Was this the Japanese version of Ernie's Rubber Ducky song? It was probably translated there. You do say they're mostly from "Pokémon". Boy, were we wrong when we thought Michael Jackson was the worst celebrity rapist!

Did I just see Homer Simpson?!

Well done

I love animutations, and this is one vof the most random I've seen! Good work!


German Sesame Street FTW!

it's really funny but...

are you trying to give someone a seizer?!?!