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Goku vs. Vegeta - Death

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Wow, 11 years later and this site and this movie still exists with over 500,000 views. This is so nostalgic and newgrounds was such a great site when I was a kid. I'm glad newgrounds is still around and new kids from a new generation get to submit their content and express themselves. Hey, you may become the next egoraptor. Sadly, I was submitting this crap while egoraptor was still learning to draw(showing my old age), but anyone can improve. keep working at it!

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Not a chance

No way in the underworld would the Saiyan Prince vegeta go down so easily and or quickly.

It was pretty bad

It seemed pretty good at first, but it was too short, and the battle was too short, especially among Super Saiyans.


it looks like they r hitting air

Not bad...

but I agree with Armoniascuro, you don't say "right click and play when you feel its loaded fully", you put a loading bar, unless you don't know how, and I don't blame you (cuz I don't know either xP), but it was a nice animation, but it still deserves a 7.

PD: good luck with your future projects : )


The artwork isnt bad, in that, i felt you represented the characters visually quite nicely. The ending is rushed and the video in general doesnt really make any sense. also "right click and play when you feel its loaded fully" is a very unprofessional way to present your work.
Not bad if its your first crack at this kind of thing, but good luck cleaning your work up a bit next time.