Optimus prime v.s. RX-78

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i have always wanted to see a transformer fight a gundam so i made this movie . BTW yes i know a gundam is bigger then a transformer i made them the same size to even the odds

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I will give you 5 stars for effort, cuz believe me, making stuff like this is HARD. I am both a transformer fan and a gundam fan. its that im SURE you only know an extremely short amount of information on gundams. not only that, you downsized it, and pulled the weakest one from the entire series. the beam gun is far more effective than optimus's little ion cannon. since optimus is one of the strongest guys of his kind, lets pick a fair gundam. The Strike Freedom Gundam. this gundam has two beam pistols, one mega particle beam cannon in the chest, two waist beam bazookas, dual beam sabers (able to combine), 8 dragoons(little automatic flying guns that shoot targets), two shields, and its speed could easily overtake the fastest jet, and the special attack of shooting 13 giant beams at once.for proof, look at gundam.wiki or youtube, and damn good reflexes. Finally, it has a system called the SEED system, allowing it to gain amazing power, relfexes, and speed. Now lets see what optimus has, an ion cannon. thats it. that optimus would be one fourth the size of a gundam. now, lets do a rematch with the current settings. optimus wins again? HELL NO! IT WOULDNT EVEN WIN THE RX! im sorry transformer fans, but my friend, in this world, its always fact over opinion. now you guys just dont go yelling optimus owns anything without any proof or support in desperation, its gonna make you look stupid.


the animation, graphics, and audio is way too choppy. also the buildings look static in response to any shots and explosions. nothing happens to the buildings. and i agree with everyone else. transformers are made from titanium steel alloys while the rx78 is created from far superior metals. titanium is only on par to steel in terms of raw durability, it's generally chosen for being a light metal not sheer strength. gundamium on the other hand as seen in the movies can take a ton of punishment to break down. plz dont think something is cool to make, do a bit of research.

i mean most ppl would blam u if u made a movie where the guy in shaolin soccer beat the t1000. but more over, its just the overall terrible quality of animation that gives this submission the poor grade


Isn't a Gundam like taller than a building?
I think Optimus would get squashed like little bug.


There is now way a gundam would lose to a lame transformer!the gundam still has its saber!it will slice that optimus to pieces!!!!!!!!!!

(Almost) Blammed.

Needs LOTS of work. The robots should be bigger, more action, and explosions. Other than that, good.

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2.69 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2001
1:00 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place November 15, 2001