Optimus prime v.s. RX-78

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i have always wanted to see a transformer fight a gundam so i made this movie . BTW yes i know a gundam is bigger then a transformer i made them the same size to even the odds


not to bad a gundam fanatic

not bad my friend but the graphics arnt to good
keep im proving yourself

Gundam fans....

Nothing more dangerous than a gundam fan. You never know when someone is ganna be crazy/smat enouf to make there own lol. Though people who are revewing this are people that have only seen wing and people who only seen win and think they know every thing are a bunch of bitches though any way preaty decent movie though I think good old RX would win.

P.S. SD gundam sucks

Sigh... So much promise...

Please stick to one ammo type for a gun first its a beam gun then its a machine gun and even though its just anime please try to take them into context of each other the RX-78-2 would destroy prime.

Heres the Battle
[White Base] We are being followed by a ... truck?
[Amuro Ray] I got it don't worry.
[Beam cannon] [Beam cannon] [Beam cannon] [Beam Saber] Prime Destroyed.

I thought you finally made a decent flash but I am once again proven wrong and you still can't make your flash stop I learned that the first day. Make it end and ask for replay! Don't make an infinite loop flash! If you do make sure that the audio tracks STOP!

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gundam rx-78 is supposed to be the ultimate prototype of the federation army. optimus prime is just an asswipe robot who friggin' chose a truck as his transformed version. his weapons suck ass, and in real life rx-78 would have kicked his ass.


what the hell are you thinking ffVII is the most boring ff out there only the storyline was good the rest was gay 2 good characters and a semi-good storyline, the music is f-ing annoying, and why the hell did you make optimus prime win you child mollesting panzy! and your background sucked ass. your models of your TWO characters was good, for that i give you a 7.

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2.17 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2001
1:00 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place November 15, 2001