Optimus prime v.s. RX-78

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i have always wanted to see a transformer fight a gundam so i made this movie . BTW yes i know a gundam is bigger then a transformer i made them the same size to even the odds



Not trying to rant or anything but a gundam wouldnt just sit there and take that shit...you havent watched the series at all have you? optimus prime would be scrap metal and you used a gundam from like the first serie(ranting sorry) that fight was fair up until the end...besides gundams are pretty damn fast for big robots

Bullshit! Prime Could beat that gundam robot!!

yeah ya'll just Gundam fanboys...face it you guys know that Any Transformer can beat that Wannabe Robotech Robot! Robotech and Transformers are WAYYYY Better than Gundam Wing!!!!


from my prespective there was no research at all done into the RX-78. The RX-78 would have used it's beam saber for melee combat and it would have carved poor Optimus up and down. And it could easily have out jumped old Prime too. And it is capable of skimming the ground using ground effects of it's jets and being able to move at around 300 MPH. The day a semi can keep up with that is the day the devil can skate to work. And Optimus is not a jet powered truck.

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I have one question. Why didn't the RX-78 just use his beam saber on Prime? The beam saber would have sliced Optimus Prime right in half. A little explosion here, a pose there, and RX-78 is declared the winner. Mind you I am just being more realistic. I am a fan of Transformers and Optimus Prime is a great leader. I just know stuff like this because I play roleplaying games and could, more than likely, find stats for the RX-78 and maybe find stats for Optimus Prime and compare the two. But with the amount of destruction I have seen a beam saber do, I can't imagine Optimus winning except by pure luck. Sorry. I will now go into my room and pray for forgiveness, for I have gone with the truth and not my Matrix.

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Not bad

Loses points on graphics, but I'm sure you'll get better with time. One thing I noticed was after the credits finished, it restarted - with the ending theme still playing. Really irritating having the theme to the Headmaster's series playing at the same time as FF battle music. The shots and explosions sounded too harsh and tinny, but I did like the use of the opening theme to Headmasters (for anyone who doesn't know, that was the Japanese season 4 of G1 Transformers) - but more because I was expecting season 1 or 2's music. Still, this shows a lot of promise.

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2.17 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2001
1:00 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place November 15, 2001