N00bKebob #27

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After long wait because of various trouble. Its finaly here.


It's decent

Well, to start with, what happend to the music in my part? LMAO! Otherwise, everything was pritty good, I liked the menu, it's diffrent to what it has been in the past, so thats diffrent, but why a back to pre-loader button? :S

Anyway, on with the real flash.

N00bQueen/Shinoobi: Looked quite odd, but still, some nice drawing and some nice animation, the "lol" at the end seems to be common ground haha, so that was pritty nice, a good part, even if it made little sense.

TheSoulMan: Well, it sure was random, but it was good, I liked the style of drawing and the plot? It was funny, though a bit too much text maybe? Good though :P

TNOAT: Intresting, it looked good and well, had a common plot, lol, some of the animation was good, so well done there. I didn't like how you used "r" insted of "are" that's just lazy :/

Veindigger: Somewhat good graphics and an odd point to it, the ending did drag on for too long though in my opinion.

Ian: The sound wasn't too good, but funny in a way, the graphics where okay, not great though. It was still a good part, but the sound was alittle off :/

Little-Rena: This part was terrible.

Maygar: Intresting, in a way, pritty decent but didn't really have too much point, it made little sense if any, lol, but looked quite nice :P

All in all, I don't think a theme worked out here, it's not really the best Kebob I have seen, though it isn't that bad either, could have been funnier I suppose.

Anyway, keep on trying guys!



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a bit weird

It was a bit weird didnt understand what where the parts about, but overall it was funny, keep it up m8

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Queen/Shinoobi- Nice animation and cute-looking graphics. Good job.
Soul- Hilarious and great graphics as well. Cool job.
Nooboftrades- Neat job. Decent graphics but quite pointless.
Vein- Not the greatest graphics, amusing content.
Ian- Amusing, but not the greatest graphics.
Rena- Swell fbf, but pretty pointless.
Maygar- Good graphics, but pointless.

Soul's and Queen/Shinoobeh's parts were the best. The theme may have been the cause of all of the parts that were lacking stuff. Not the worst kebob, but not the best either.

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2.77 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2007
11:10 PM EDT
Comedy - Original