Ragdoll Avoider

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"Best Ragdoll physics ever in a game. Follow up to the game Ragdoll Master"

Second part of famous Ragdoll Master game. This new version include: new graphic, four types of game, new music and better gameplay. Enjoy

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it was great!!!

it was ok. i played ur last game ragdoll master and i thought it sucked alot of man pussy but u got better. I clap for u.

meh boring...

its boring after u play each thing the best is time mode whats the point in having a health bar in some modes if u die in 1 hit but overall good game but boring after a while needs music

Wall mode is broken. Other wise it was ok

You dont want ragdoll if your trying to get by a moving wall. Ive gotten the intire body though only to have the foot swing back and kick the wall. Very frustrating.

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It was...Hehe..Love the Graphics :]

Alright, man, look.
Unlike some of these other ppl.
I thought the animation was pretty kickass.
Finally a ragdoll game where u can control with the cursor.
Second of all, The wall mode thing...WAS A Liiittle off touch.
Idk, that's just my opinion.
I died on the third wall so...dont believe me if you dont want to.
But uhh, other than that...I loved the game.
These ppl are probably just pissed because they suck at it. :]

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just no

worst ragdoll game ever

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3.48 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2007
12:39 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid