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1 - The Story of Khale

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The Story Of Khale Episode 1/42:
Welcome to Rellitrea
*New* Just added playback buttons. They're invisible. At the top corners are fast forward and rewind and along the bottom are major scenes.

This episode is a prologue and introduction to the world of Khale. The story itself begins in the next episode, when Khale awakens.

To all those interested in the series, I've just opened the LeafWorthy Forums. Check it out here:

Watch past the intro before you vote, its worth it.

The song (also in load screen) is Further, by VNV Nation.

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It's been a couple of years. and then some. Thanks to youtube recommendations i finally came back to VNV Nation, and with that, the memories of this. What you made persisted in my head for a damn long time, so I owe you a lot of thanks for that. I hope you are still creating.

i thought it was a game

Dude, I remember when this was brand new. It was amazing. It still holds up quite well too. Shame episode 3 never came out, but I'm sure that isn't from lack of trying.
Good luck to you and whatever you're working on now.

khale reminds me of piconjo, litteraly.

That was amazing! Fantastic job!