Jack Vs. Jack

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UPDATE: Thank you Tom for the Front Page! I've been striving for that for months now. I truely appreciate it.

From the creator of the Office Spider trilogy!

Jack Bauer of 24 and Jack Shephard of LOST mysteriously switch places for a day. Hilarity ensues.


5.43 Minutes long
6853 Frames
20 fps
5 weeks to complete



I never really watched 24 all that much, but I'm a Lost fan. This was really good man, very creative, and very well made. Congrat on landing front page, it looks like spending money on this animation was worth it. Will we see more?

Pretty good

As both a Lost and a 24 fan, I really enjoyed this. It could of been better but keep up the good work.

liked it

pretty good animation
only i was confused about the story line, didn't quite fit in, but furtherall i thought you did a good job.
keep it up


Normally I am not impressed enough to write a review, but you deserve one.

The techniques throughout the animation was well thought out and applied. The constant and deliberate use of motion allowed this flash more energy than what would have been techinally allowed by more "Traditional" animators.

The voice work was above average and appear mostly held back by equipment.

The plot/dialoge was most fitting and most convinicing in terms of what you were trying to convey. The violence was well measured and applied with skill. The charaterisations was spot on for laughs.

Forget the the bashers. Having veiwed your previous work, with some more polish and time, I am sure that you can join the greats that reside at newgrounds. A real rising star. 5/5

This is what really tangles my spaghetti...

The animation was virtually crap and the story line wasn't understandable. There seemed to have been unnecessary violence in this submission, like at the end when jack bauer shoots those two people when he was just gonna blow the whole village up anyway. And your futile attempts at making it a little funny just made for an even more stupid flash movie. The different objects in the scene were moving all over the place, compensating for a bad experience. It looked like the camera was moving in & out, up & down, and side to side. There were even unnecessary characters! like that fat guy who just appears outta nowhere and proves to be useless to the already confusing story line.

It was a stupid idea and submission and definately doesn't deserve to be on the front page.

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3.83 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2007
6:44 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody