Jack Vs. Jack

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UPDATE: Thank you Tom for the Front Page! I've been striving for that for months now. I truely appreciate it.

From the creator of the Office Spider trilogy!

Jack Bauer of 24 and Jack Shephard of LOST mysteriously switch places for a day. Hilarity ensues.


5.43 Minutes long
6853 Frames
20 fps
5 weeks to complete


That's what she said, sir.

Hey, I got your call dude. Glad to see you up on the front page finally. I knew you would make it here, and you deserve it man. Semester's almost over, give me a call when you get in town, I got some cool ideas you may enjoy!

nice work

i really liked the plot i thought it flowed nicely. the graphics and animation were all right, it was kind of neat how the graphics shifted along. the only thing that was not very good was the sound, and i know thats hard to help but try this free ware,
audacity (dot)sourceforge (dot) net<this is only to help please don't delet this review> you might be able to touch it up. hope that will help, keep up the good work.

danomano65 responds:

you can delete reviews?

Got sense of humor?

Why do people have to analyze this like it's a goddamn epic saga? It's a comedy. It's supposed to be ridiculous. So why does everybody have to be Siskel and Ebert?

Let's all critique how the lighting on the village should have been darker to make the explosion seem more dramatic and how the fat kid from Lost should have blinked more to look more realistic.

And h0\V/ A|23 u 90nna d15a|2m a nuc13a|2 m1551l3 m1da1|2 OMFG!!!?!?!?!?? LAMZ0|2!!!!!!one11

Good job.


Every previous reviewer has said rather eloquently why the graphics and the style is good. The sound was good and although the voice acting wasn't dead on, it was still of a high quality, it probably would have came worse if you tried to force your voice to sound like them. The violence is self evident and as it is a movies, interactivity would be largely counter productive. As for humour, I tried to be as objective as possible as, I reallly like lost and haven't watched 24. Objectively it was funny, subjectively it didn't work for me due to the obvious (and admitted) bias you have towards Jack Bauer. Killing the black smoke is funny simply because it is ridiculous, as well as his mystical ability to pull sniper rifles out his bum and magically plant C4 in a heavily guarded compound.

So in short, a good flash, I can apreciate more if I accept it as ridiculous. Or maybe I need to watch 24 and see how good this Jack Bauer is?

danomano65 responds:

oh Jack Bauer is good. but this is supposed to be ridiculous.

Really good but...

if your striving to get onto the front page, i wouldnt spell toms name wrong:P lol

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danomano65 responds:

satire. heard of it?


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3.83 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2007
6:44 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody