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I've decided to do a game this time, hurrah!

Please review and tell me what you think, I'm always interested to hear, especially as I'm not all that great at AS (yet =P)
Controls are in the game, but please remember that the arrow mode works just like a car driving game.
Also, it seems that my preloader refuses to work anymore, so just sit tight/ go to the loo/ have a drink while it loads =)
I hope you all enjoy this, and special thanks to the audio artist, whos music I so lovingly stole. <3

Enjoy pls ^_^


Grait arow key mode :P

Why don't you just let us drive a car!?

Great overall

Techno music in background was nice. Another good avoidance mouse game. Variety was nice, but the having to go back a level was annoying.

Good game but....

the only annoying part of the whole game is if you mess up it puts you back a level i know this is ment to be a penilty but it gets kinda annoying if you have to keep going back next time why not just restart the same level other than that great game :-)

Good game

I liked it except the arrow key mode was hard to tell which way you were facing and messed me up a lot lol.

Also, in the mouse mode you can right click and go to the red box and win...

not bad

nice touch with the arrow mode, I dont think i have seen an avoider game with arrows before. nice song, I dont even dig technno that much but i still enjoyed the music... also the game is just short enough for the music to not get irritating.

bug notification time. if one were to move the mouse fast enough it is possible to move outside of the yellow walls and avoid the entire map. i suggest either making the outside walls thicker or have the space outside the map act as if it were the yellow walls.

it was also a tad easy, perhaps have a time attak mode or something to give the player a feeling of urgency.

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3.20 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2007
1:46 PM EDT
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