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Havent submitted anything in a while so i decided to make this ok it took 18 hours and 26 minutes of non stop work! lol. Enjoy And vote Kindly

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i find it funny that people want it removed, did god tell you he didn't like it or something. yes i had a dream and god told me to blam this flash movie. Good movie and whatever religion you are its a flash movie dont get mad cuz really who gives a shit.



Why would an athiest try to kill god if he doesn't believe he exists.

Plot hole..

The flash wasn't special, but you did put effort into it, so it was a good flash.

this sucked

first off, if atheists dont believe in god or angels why would an atheist even see them? wont that mean that he believes they exist? also, the animation was pretty bad... like when the angel gets shot, half of him seems to go transparent. so much for 18 hours of work lol


An atheist is a person that doesn't believe in any god. Ergo not against any religion. (as long as it doesn't make people burn animals alive or something) Why would an atheist do something like this? I'm an atheist myself. I don't believe in angels so why would I go up in a rocket to kill them, or god, or jesus? Maybe there's a story behind it or something. Then make it clearer. Sorry if I seem like a sh** head, but I had to speak my mind.

Your flash was ok. There's some flaws like when the people on the cloud hit by the rocket. They move from one spot to another. You should check it out. And the sword-clashing sounds is a little late. Take some time to work this out and you have a good flash.

Thanks for reading:)


How could you not have god win And it was ok i didnt like how it was but the animation was ok and it was all over .O.k.

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2.62 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2007
1:21 PM EDT
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