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Tales From Across ThePond

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Apr 3, 2007 | 12:48 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Contrary to what the god-less liberals might tell you, the British are very strange. I studied them for almost a decade, watching them with a notepad and pen at hand. Sometimes it was a pencil, but the notepad was always the same. It is a scary place where everyone's breath stinks, they speak as if they have tiny wicky drum drum marbles in their mouths, and there is classical music playing from the sky.

I've taken all of my data and observations and made this short documentary that piles it all for you to see. This is the true England young Americans, and if we don't stop them now the consequences may be fatal.



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

what the heck...?

I am not even from the UK and even I found this warped! I felt the odd need to point out to anyone who might read this that the poster from 2008 is probably as ignorant about Americans as most of us are about Brits. Not every american person has English blood in them, there is quite a bit if diersity here and quite a few of us were here before anyone of English descent ever arrived. Still I have to admit I can see how Brits might find this a bit offensive, if any bothered to watch it at all.


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Heers somthing you might know

Almost every country other than america Hates america thay think your retarded hypocritical and blow other countries up for fun.
also if you all hated Bush so fucking much why where you so retarded that you voted him as presidant twice.
so think about that before you go taking the piss out of other countries especially MINE


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"This is the true England young Americans"
stereotypical england, is about 5 planets away from real england. And if you are going to try to backstab anyone, try to make it funny.

(and um... oh yes that's right! Every american person has english blood in them. Sorry to burst your bubble but your only insulting yourself.)


Rated 5 / 5 stars


that was really funny

and the best part is reading the reviews of all the people who get so upset

am i rite?

the description was hilarious, seriously, everything, not only in the flash, but on this page is gold


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Urm? what the fuck?

This does not make any sense, walk into the café and see if any of us british people say that stuff, whats the point in this flash? it is very terrible alot of the pictures are blurry, England are superior they played THE most role in history, these kinds of ignorant talk about England are not true
1) we do not drink tea and eat scones (actually India, China drink alot of tea as well)
2) we do not speak posh, we speak normally, we do not say "ol' chap" or any kind of words you see
3) America do not realise that England had made them the best, and your all; mexican/ french or English very rare other than them

I got nothing to say to your pathetic flash, as what a pre-teen child would make

Dbmwjo responds:

I stayed in England for twenty years studying their habits and condensed it all into this short minute long flash. If you were more observant you would see how eeriely accurate this depiction is. It is only because you were raised in Britain that you don't realize how odd you really are. Go to a more developed country like Canada, America, or even Turkey to see how a civilized person acts.