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Socom Squad 4LYFE

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We at the Socom Squad have been suffering from a severe case of cancer, called "hang out and be lazy and be a post whore wasting time that could have been spent on contributing to the group." After months of wasting time, I have finally dragged parts from some members and put this collaboration together. Cheers!

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I find it funny..

how big of a faggot pineapple atom is lol. nice graphics tho I guess

I find it funny..

I find it funny how mushroom socom and eggtimer clawk are the same person, and both reveiwd this movie lol. nice graphics tho I guess


So, we finally got off our collective lazy ass and did something, huh? Who'd have thought.
My god moved to Honolulu quite some time ago. Raspberry appears to be lagging. Tell him I said to get a better internet connection.
Speaking of Raspberry, you should have waited for him to make something a bit more relevant; I haven't seen anything from the Moon Squad in ages.
Peanut Butter amuses me.
A good collab by the Squad, despite the varying quality of sounds, but the sound on my part gets cut short. What FPS did you use for this?

We can't handle your manliness?

Since when is being a man 12 years old.

Not enough effort

The entire amount of actually animation if the entire collab is under 30 seconds and not all of it even loops. The penut butter and raspberry parts were a little bit funny for randomness but it ultimately was just an effortless loop and I can never, ever respect a self proclaimed useless spam group made to piss off people (you can even check follow the link in the menu to verify)