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This is long.. alot of details.. yet sorta unfinished..

Prove yourself to be patient enough to stand through it, there is actually stuff happening.

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I love the song. What's it called?


make zoom buttons and stuff too. i hate rite clickin and pressin zoom in to see everything. anyway, make it so you can click on stuff and stuff will happen wen you do. like click and window and it will brake or somthing. PS - make some random guy comit suicide lol!

an odd little toon...

well, nothing happens. but i liked it, it was relaxing and the music was calming and cool. its certainly original, and you have to get points for that i guess. btw, why was the swing moving, that was a bit odd.


Ok, so the graphics I loved, it's like they were unique yet nostalgic, they seemed like something I had known once, you know? Either way, cool, but nothing happens. There are people in windows and a swing starts drifting off stage. I actually did watch this ENTIRE piece, and I semi-liked it but it will probably be blammed. And by the way, I zoomed in as far as I could, and what were those white things drifting into the stage?