Naruto: Fighting Dirty

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For information on the upcoming part 2 of Naruto Fighting Dirty see my profile.Warning!This is a hentai flash.This is for the MATURE newgrounds users. This flash is the fist part of a two part series. It features Temari and Tenten doing some dirty stuff.There is also a hidden Easteregg in there.If you find it please do not leave a review telling where and what it is. If someone does, I will just remove it. This flash features the orignal japanese voice actors that play Temari and Tenten. If you do not like hentai, then you have no business watching this. If you do not like it, I sure as hell dont want to hear you whine about it. Enjoy. MisterPiccolo

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Atleast tenten got her screen time i guess...

won't load...

you're as beautiful as the day i lost you

I was fapping to this shit when i was like 14 wtf

This gave my friend a boner in 2007. It then gave me a rockin sockin meathog today in 2020. Like the yin and yang this duplicitous nature upon which all of life is based continues the cycle anew. I have autism. I love you.

XxNARUTOfanTylerxX <3