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Controls are up to accelerate and right and left arrows to rotate. Yes, I know I'm going to get blammed for the graphics, but graphics isn't the point of this game.


had potential

It had potential, but you didn't take it far enough.

it could be good...

...but it isn't really much at the moment.
for starters the ship needs brakes, maybe some way to slow it with the down key instead of just spinning randomly into wall trying to stop yourself.

the simple graphics work for the type of game (although you could give it a slightly better title screen) but it really needs some music or something just to make it feel a bit more complete.

Improve it and it could become a great game.

Ship Navigation

Ship Navigation. it was noining


basic as possible graphics, nice solid scripting, gets the job you wanted done perfectly. As said before though, make a checkpoings, passwords, restart at current level, something of the sort, i know you can do it if you scripted the rest of the game.

Made it to level 4, that TAPPED a dam tiny wall :P

Not Bad

You should have automatically continued to the next level. There was no need to have to click the mouse everytime. This game is actually quite fun. Reminded me of Omega Race for my old Vic 20.

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1.65 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2007
1:27 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other